PCB Assembly Material

Printed circuit boards (PCBs), component assembly solutions for multiple industries for manufacturers of these life-enhancing electronics

Protection from drop, thermal shock, water and other potentially damaging environmental influences is critical for long-term reliability of electronic products. This is even truer today, as smaller, higher-density designs, finer-pitched devices and increasingly delicate componentry are integrated into advanced assemblies. As the electronics market’s premiere materials formulator and supplier, GLUDITEC’s expertise in underfill and encapsulant development is providing assembly specialists with materials that offer essential device protection, while accommodating ease-of-use and streamlined processing for safeguarding and reinforcement of BGAs, CSPs, PoPs, LGAs and WLCSPs. Characteristics such as fast cure, room temperature flowability, high reliability, reworkability and excellent SIR performance are built in to our broad portfolio of underfill and encapsulant materials, making them ideal for consumer, industrial, automotive, medical and aerospace applications.

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