GCB - Gluditec Cobot Series

GCB Cobot Series can guarantee 35,000 hours of uptime without maintenance with its remarkable speed, flexibility, and leading price-quality ratio.

Moreover, despite having a light machine’s weight, GCB cobot has an impressive payload with a weight ratio of up to 0.49. Its robust design enables feasible multiangle installation and operation even in non-optimal environments.

Safe and Effective

Due to the advanced collision detection function, GCB has as many as 90 different adjustable sensitivity levels. This series also guarantees 35,000 hours of uptime, even under extreme working conditions, without requiring maintenance.

Real-time Dual Control

Real-time control and monitoring of the cobot can be programmed flexibly through Ethernet protocol with a 3D view display. Moreover, GCB Series has a physical teach pendant allowing on-site operation.

Reduce cycle times

With a TCP speed of up to 3.2 m/s and an axis speed of up to 224°/s, this cobot Series can increase production and reduce cycle times.

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