Double-door Curing Oven

Safely guaranteeing high-precision high-temperature drying process

Double Door Drying Oven is the most popular curing oven series used in production lines of electronics, electroplating, printing, etc. It is solidly designed with corrosion-resistant materials to deliver invariable and uniform temperature for even a number of applications such as drying, heating, aging, sterilizing, testing, curing and storing.

It is equipped with a large-flow fan and the hot air circulation in the test box is uniform and efficient to ensure uniform temperature distribution. The industrial oven equipment adopts an independent temperature limit alarm system, a digital display temperature controller with high-precision temperature control, and a large air volume circulation motor to ensure uniform temperature distribution, effectively and safely guaranteeing high-precision high-temperature drying process.

One of this product line’s advantages is its flexibility in both temperature range and size. GLUDITEC can also customize dimension and volume capacity according to customers’ requirements for specific applications.

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