GLUDITEC Instant adhesives are versatile and can be used in various applications that require either one- or two-component curing at room temperature in production lines or repair shops. They are suitable for use in any industry and can be applied manually or with instant adhesive dispensing equipment on automated lines. Custom tool designs are also available to meet specific requirements.

Instant adhesives are commonly utilized for rapidly bonding materials with high performance. They offer a variety of products designed for rubber, polystyrene, wood, metal, and the most advanced plastics. Additionally, there is a wide selection of viscosities to cater to different bonding needs, ranging from conventional bonding to gap filling and sealing.

The GLUDITEC range of Instant adhesives offers a variety of advantages, including flexible adhesion for moving substrates, strong bonding between substrates, resistance to large temperature ranges, and protection against weather and moisture. It’s important to choose the right instant adhesive for your specific needs as each one performs differently depending on the materials being bonded and the conditions they face. Additionally, each GLUDITEC product has unique attributes that make it better suited for certain applications. Selecting the appropriate cure times and fixture times is crucial for successfully bonding substrates.

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