Bulk Unloader Pressure Pump

Feeding high viscosity liquid from drum size in different applications with lowest material waste

This series is designed for dispensing high viscosity in drum/ bulk size with a patented follower plate. User-friendly, effective, and cost-saving dispensing system for high productivity

In mass production, it is essential to use drums (hobbock, pail) with large volumes ranging from 5gal (20L) to 55gal (200L) to contain materials, especially high-density ones. These large containers can help prevent short cycle time due to switching inputs. However, high-viscosity material is always a challenge which any dispensing system must face with.

With different materials and bulk sizes, we offer particular systems. To optimize your benefits, please help to choose your deposit materials:

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Having only one part, these adhesives, sealants, potting materials are able to cure on their own or after curing by heat, visual, or UV light without any help of hardener or other resin.

Generally speaking, pressure pumps are the best selection when handling viscous fluids. However, it is not simple that we can increase the pressure to deal with the high viscosity material because the remaining pressure will adversely affect the deposit of dispensing volume.

To solve this problem, we offer Bulk Unloader Pressure Pump series to improve performance and material flow in high-wear applications. This system will provide users with consistent material output, reduced maintenance, and superior wear resistance.

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Combining of a resin and hardener, 2K materials are also called AB adhesive, sealant or potting compound, thermally compound.

Being different from single part liquid, the 2K one usually has metal filler (abrasive 2K compound) which shorten the durability of the wetting part in a pressure pump, then leading to some other common troubles during the pumping process as inadequate volume, stuck pipeline, and so on.

We offer variable products to meet specific requirements in specific manufacturing industry, please take a look at:

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