Two-part Silicone

Highest levels of flexibility & temperature resistance potting compound

Two component system does require mixing, it can cure in thicker sections than one part systems, which might be necessary for certain applications. UV or radiation cured silicone adhesives use UV lamps or an electron beam to cure without additional heating or excessive heat generation.

The most popular application of 2K silicone adhesive is potting for electronics components. Silicone potting compounds deliver the highest levels of flexibility and the lowest levels of mechanical strength (comparing to Epoxy and Polyurethane) in our range. However, they are also the most temperature resistant within the range and offer working temperatures of up to 200°c degrees.

Recommended Potting System

2K potting compounds also consist of four constituents, but the hardener (or its mixture) is physically separated from the resin. This separation prohibits reaction prior to mixing.  With 2K products, the constituents must be weighed and mixed and the polymerization reaction starts after mixing. In 2K potting materials, just as in 1K potting materials, various fillers and additives can be part of the formulation to achieve the required properties and performance of the cured material.

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