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Potting Layer for Electronics

When it comes to the potting process, many believe that it solely depends on either the potting compound or the potting system. However, both of these elements are exceptional, and an effective potting process can only be achieved when the right potting compound is combined with the right potting system.

GLUDITEC, having assisted numerous customers with their potting processes, understands that electronics manufacturers require a material partner who comprehends their equipment needs, as well as a potting system partner who understands the unique properties of specialty materials.

With this vision, one-stop potting solution partner – GLUDITEC can help you save time and money by effectively resolving your potting puzzle.

Our featured potting systems - GLUDITEC

SAV-100 Two-part Meter-mixing Station


Two-part Meter-mixing Station

SAV-100 incorporates a space-saving feature in its design. During the potting process, it functions as a meter-mixing station to deliver a uniform and bubble-free potting mixture, ensuring the protection of electronic components.

Its compact design allows for effortless integration into inline systems or automated robots, thereby enhancing production performance.

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FAD-680 Fully Automated Two-part Dispensing System


Fully Automated Two-part Dispensing System

FAD-680 potting system is an essential system for maintaining a stable and high-performing manufacturing process. In addition to its accurate meter-mixing capability, the FAD-680 is equipped with a unique robot that can automatically dispense the mixture to predetermined locations. By utilizing the GLUDITEC FAD Series, manufacturers can simultaneously achieve both high productivity and high quality.

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Our featured potting compound - GLUDITEC

Epoxy Potting Compound


  • High temperature resistent
  • High vibration resistent
  • High hardness (Shore D)

Polyurethane Potting Compound


  • Medium temperature resistent
  • Medium vibration resistent
  • Medium hardness (Shore D/ A)

Silicone Potting Compound


  • High temperature resistent
  • High vibration resistent
  • Low hardness (Shore A)
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