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GLUDITEC products can be found in a wide variety of markets, including the automotive, electromobility, medical technology, electronics or machine/mechanical engineering industries.

With high quality, innovative adhesive bonding, dispensing and potting solutions, leading process technology and industry-specific expertise, we have the ideal solution for any application. From potting compound expertise, to finding the right process technology, to commissioning the completed system, through us you have a strong partner on your side.

The introduction of adhesive technology has expanded its applications in printed circuit boards, including bonding, reinforcement, underfill, and coating among others.

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LED potting systems, whether transparent or opaque, protect water, dust, and other environmental factors, ensuring effective encapsulation and ideal light scattering for spotlights. Furthermore, the GLUDITEC mixing and dosing system for LED potting prevents the formation of air bubbles and smudges, allowing for optimal protection.

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