How do you choose the right system for bonding, potting or sealing?

Applying adhesive and other specialty materials has never an easy task. Depending on the final purpose and working conditions of end-products, the characteristics of dispensed layers will be different. Conformal coating will require a very thin layer, potting process will significantly base on precision of meter-mixing task.

GLUDITEC can provide right solutions for every application and requirements.

Component underfill is a process in which a type of liquid material connects the chip to the board by capillary action and then is heated to cure.

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Nowadays, the benefits of FIP Gasket (over preformed gasket) can be denied. One of the FIP Gasket's beneficial

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Conformal coating is a process combining various steps and not a simple process. Setting up an effective system will address lots of challenges.

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The important criteria for potting depend on different factors such as the material used, the workpiece design or the curing process selected. Before the actual potting can happen, however, it is always important to employ a material preparation and feed system suited to the task.

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