The measuring and proportioning system is the heart of the fluid control equipment and also the bottleneck restricting the development of precise dispensing industry. Thanks to working as a part of customer’s engineer team, GLUDITEC knows exactly what manufacturers are expecting for a dispensing system, especially 2-part one, and plunger pump technology is one of them.

GLUDITEC Plunger Pump is realized as a high precision pump with error not up to 3%. Otherwise, with its variability, this item could be used in a wide range of applications as proportion is able to be adjusted under user’s requirement. Using our plunger pump would help production line running continuously as well as increase production rate, time-saving and reduce cost. Furthermore, inner plunger pump is designed with special material which makes it wear-resistant and excellent in corrosion resistance – an important feature should be considered.

GLUDITEC Plunger Pump Diaphram

With the mission: Success from details, innovation changes the future, our precision plunger pump with AB valve technology creates a combination of intelligent potting system which satisfies the high filler, high precision, high viscosity, high crystallization, large scale, and large flow of variable material metering process requirement. These technologies are pushing potting equipment in “four high, two big” development for better manufacturing processes in many industries.


Dual Plunger Pump


  • High precision
  • Adjustable proportion
  • Continuous dispensing
  • Wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant, long life
  • Wide range of material and application

2K Material Valve


  • High precision
  • Abrasion and corrosion resistance
  • Multi-function
  • Static and dynamic
  • Easy to clean