Dispensing system controller

The system controller is the brain of the overall dispensing system. The core is the software, which enables enhanced productivity with high quality. The central task of a dispensing system controller is to communicate with the main subsystems and with the overall production system as follows:

System controllers are mostly used in automated solutions, but are also seen in manual systems depending on the customer’s process requirements. The industry usually offers controllers with a range of different features, functions and benefits.

Below is a list of a few of their possible functions along with their main benefits which help achieving the best value for the customers:

Pressure/ flow monitoring and regulationEnables an array of different applications with different volumes using the same dispensing technique
Viscosity monitoring and regulationBetter system repeatability since ideal viscosity for a chosen application can be maintained while dispensing
In-system air bubble detectionLess rework due to bead interruptions caused by air bubbles. Automated purging sequence keeps process interruptions at a minimum.
System temperature managementAvoid premature curing in system and minimize waste
Programming of different dispensing programs depending on applicationQuick access and flexible usage of dispensing system
Programming of parameter tables within dispensing programsEnhanced application quality through precise application segment monitoring
Applied volume monitoring and deviation warningApplication quality assurance
Visualizing of system In and Out signalsEasy and early system error detection
In-time error and service warningsMinimized production stops
Central system communicationQuick central system status overview
Hose ballooning effect compensationEnhanced accuracy and precision of application

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