Dispensing System Configuration

After introducing the overview of Dispensing System through the series Dispensing Technique, GLUDITEC would like to talk deeper about configuration of a total dispensing system. To automating a dispensing process, what equipment or subsystem manufacturers must use? Let’s figure out with us.

Five main subsystems

A fully equipped dispensing system may consist of five main subsystems as shown above. These should be flexible enough to accommodate materials of different viscosity ranges while being easily serviceable to minimize downtime.

The entire dispensing system or one of its subsystems can be heated (or not), depending on the dispensed material, its viscosity and on the environmental conditions at the system’s location.

The configuration of the dispensing system will vary depending on performance, safety and quality requirements. The investment will vary accordingly.

Subsystem Components

1. Material supply

  • Material containers
  • Displacement pumps
  • Material hoses
  • Control cabinets

2. Metering unit

  • Pressure regulator
  • Gear meter
  • Flow meter
  • Piston meter

3. Applicator

  • Applicators
  • Nozzles

4. System controller

  • Visualization
  • User interface (HMI)

5. System options

  • Visual inspection
  • Temperature management
  • Manipulator
  • Tool change station

Functional overview of subsystems

*If you need more details information of each subsystem, please help to follow the link below:

Material supply

Conveys the material to be dispensed from the material container throughout the whole system.

Metering unit

Meters the exact amount of material dispensed according to the controller pre-settings.


Achieves the required functional bead shape in the most efficient way according to the needs of the application

System controller

Communicates with all the subsystems to maintain control of the installed parameters and achieves the ideal application of the material in the right bead shape, quality and time.

System options

These enhance the system’s capabilities in terms of quality, ergonomics and productivity.

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