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High quality & high precision Conformal Coating System by GLUDITEC

Inline Dispensing System

Contrary to the desktop conformal coating system, the inline system is crucial for maintaining manufacturing consistency in mass production. Its ability to offer a harmonious blend of efficiency, precision, and quality control makes it the preferred option for high-volume electronic manufacturing.


Our solution is designed to cater to your specific manufacturing requirements, offering a high level of customization. It enables you to easily adapt and respond to the ever-changing business landscape, ensuring that both market demands and individual customer needs are met effectively.

  • LED Coating
  • 5G PCB
  • Home Appliance
  • Handheld Device PCB
  • Power Module Control
  • Automotive Electronic Parts
LED customizing conformal coating system

Some main Components of Conformal Coating System

Conformal Coating System Module

IGC-830 Conformal Coating System

This is our typical Coating Machine to handle to PCB dimension of 450x450mm. IGC-830 is equipped with 2 valve sets to handle both masking & coating applications at the same time.

  • Machine dimension: L1060 x W1200 x H1700 (mm)
  • Transportation speed: 0 ~ 5000 mm/min
  • PCB width range: 50 ~ 450 mm
  • X&Y axis max. running speed: 800 mm/s
  • X&Y axis positioning accuracy: ±0.02 mm
  • Valve type: 1 small mist flower valve, 1 dispensing valve

Operating Video

ICUV-200 – Inline UV Curing System

Inline integrated UV Curing System which combines the cutting-edge technology with user friendly features. Designed for precision and efficiency, this UV curing system sets the standard for reliability in the curing process.

  • Customizable curing time & intensity
  • PCL+ Touch Screen Control
  • PCB width range: 50 ~ 450 mm
  • Independent Temperature Controller Alarm
  • Stainless Steel Chain Conveyor
  • Board Detection Function
Inline UV System Module
Conformal Coating System Module

ICIR-300 – Inline IR Curing System

Our cutting-edge IR Heat-Curing Oven—an advanced solution designed for precision, versatility, and energy efficiency. This oven redefines the curing process, offering unparalleled control and reliability.

  • Chain Conveyor Mode
  • Adjustable Transportation Speed
  • Reinforced Aluminum Alloy Guide Rails
  • PLD Temperature Controller & Button Control
  • Dual Temperature Zones, Six Heating Pipes Each

Periphery System

UV Inspecting Conveyor

UV Inspecting Conveyor

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Automatic Flipper

Automatic Flipper

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Automatic PCB Loader

Automatic PCB Loader

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Potting System & Compound