Bulk Material Unloaders: Productivity, Accuracy, and Beyond

Bulk material unloaders provide an innovative solution to optimize your dispensing processes, ensuring smooth operations and cost savings. In mass-production environments, the efficient handling and dispensing of high-viscosity materials in drum/bulk sizes are critical for maintaining productivity and meeting production demands. 

Let’s explore how these unloaders can revolutionize your production efficiency.

1. Enhanced Productivity and Cycle Time

By utilizing drums and bulk containers with volumes ranging from 5gal (20L) to 55gal (200L),  Bulk material unloaders enable uninterrupted material flow, eliminating the need for frequent switching of inputs. This advantage minimizes short cycle time and maximizes production output, allowing for continuous operation and increased productivity. Say goodbye to unnecessary downtime and optimize your manufacturing workflow.

hệ thống bơm hóa chất từ thùng phi - dung dịch nhớt cao

2. Challenging High-Viscosity Materials

Dispensing high-viscosity materials can pose significant challenges for any production system. However, these systems are specifically designed to handle such materials effectively. Equipped with a patented follower plate, these unloaders ensure consistent and reliable dispensing of high-density materials, guaranteeing precise and controlled flow rates. Experience improved efficiency and reduced material waste with our advanced dispensing technology.

Follower Plate of bulk material unloaders

3. User-Friendly and Cost-Saving

Bulk material unloaders are designed with user-friendliness and cost-effectiveness. The intuitive interface and easy-to-use features make the dispensing process hassle-free, reducing operator training time and enhancing overall workflow efficiency. Moreover, the optimized material usage and controlled dispensing help minimize material waste, resulting in cost savings for your business.

keo bơm áp suất thủ công

4. Customized Solutions for Different Needs

Every production environment has unique requirements. That’s why these unloaders are tailored to accommodate different materials and sizes. Whether you’re working with adhesive, sealant, or other high-viscosity substances, GLUDITEC’s customizable systems ensure optimal dispensing performance for your specific application

hệ thống bơm hóa chất từ thùng phi


Experience enhanced productivity, reduced cycle time, and improved material management with GLUDITEC’s bulk material unloaders. Our dispensing systems empower your manufacturing processes by providing uninterrupted material flow, handling high-viscosity substances, and offering user-friendly operation. 

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