Dispensing consistency and accuracy over the entire wet dispense area needs to be maintained.

Solder Paste dispensing is often used to attach components to PCBs that have already been populated with other components.

GLUDITEC offers systems that are capable of dispensing solder paste in a wide range of operations including production, lab and R&D, and on many surfaces, including recesses. Our inline dispensing system is fully automated and easily adapt to most production requirements for accuracy, speed and process carrier design. Our product line for solder paste can contributes to different solder paste dispensing applications:

  • Solder paste rework after screen printing to address designs that are difficult to screen print
  • Soldering rework for component replacement
  • R&D testing, before a solder printing stencil is designed
  • High-mix, low-volume production, as a lower-cost alternative to solder screen printing

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