Significantly larger numbers of sensors and ECUs are being installed in vehicles today. Since faults in this area can cost lives, the sensitive electronics must have lasting protection against damaging thermal, mechanical and chemical influences. This is where precise, high quality adhesive bonding, dispensing and potting processes come into play.

Sensors measure tire pressure and wheel speed, check the axle load and steering angle, and monitor the oil level, engine temperature and fuel level. More than 100 sensors are currently installed in a single modern vehicle – and this number is growing. Together with the associated ECUs, they help to keep the vehicle in the lane while driving, smooth out shifting in automatic transmissions and assist in reducing emissions, among other things. In short, they contribute to more safety, convenience, comfort and efficiency. However, this also means that faulty sensors, such as those related to the ESP or airbag, can also jeopardize lives. To make sure this doesn’t happen, the electronics in the ECUs and sensors and the open contact points on the housing must be reliably and permanently shielded against damaging influences. This is possible using precise adhesive bonding, sealing and potting processes with repeat accuracy as well as selecting the right potting media.

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