Silicones are group of synthetic polymers with a remarkable range of properties

Silicone-based resins have exceptionally high thermal resistance and elasticity and are usually nonhazardous, physiologically speaking. Depending on the application and requirements, it is possible to use 1K or 2K resins, known as RTV-1 and RTV-2 silicone.

Silicone rubber (or SR) are special types of polymer bonds that have an intermediate position between organic and inorganic bonds. Silicones, technically also known as poly(organo)siloxanes, or siloxanes for short, are therefore like hybrids with a range of properties that in this form cannot be attained by any comparable plastic.

Silicones can be used in a wide variety of areas: Since usually they do not represent a health hazard, they are used in the pharmaceutical and medical and cosmetic industries as well as in the manufacture of textiles and kitchenware. In their liquid form they are used as an ingredient in massage oils, cleaning agents, paints, test fluids and special printing inks, among others.

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