Camera Module


  • Die-bonding in packaging
  • Frame bonding
  • IR cut filter bonding
  • Actuator and VCM bonding

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As camera modules shrink in size, manufacturers need greater accuracy when bonding lenses to barrels, barrels to camera modules, camera modules to circuitry, and camera module holders to smart phone bodies.

The slightest overspray bonds components that should not be bonded, creating more rework, which slows production and lowers yield. Nordson EFD solutions feature built-in cutoff functionality, in addition to extreme deposit accuracy, to eliminate overspray.

Mobile device and wearables manufacturers prefer our solutions for gap-fill applications, in addition to more specialized applications such as optical bonding and seal bonding dispensing anisotropic conductive fluids in very narrow spaces.

ACP bonding seal or electrode seal applications involve dispensing between the display module and driver I/C. As the gap between modules and driver I/Cs gets narrower and glass thickness gets thinner, non-contact dispensing is preferred to drive higher productivity.

Materials We Deal with

  • UV-cure adhesives
  • General Purposed Adhesives
  • Epoxies
  • Other specialty fluids

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