Increasing your productivity, improve product quality, saving cost & material lost by our Desktop Dispensing Solution

Automated desktop dispensing system FSR-200 is specially designed for precisive and efficient adhesive dispensing process. Are you tired of messy and time-consuming adhesive application processes? Look no further! The FSR-200 is here to transform your workflow, making it easier and more productive then ever before. With simple construction (details below), cutting-edge technology and user-friendly design, this innovative system offers a seamless adhesive dispensing experience.

Detailed Specifications of System Elements

3-axis Dispensing Robot

1. SR-200 – Desktop Dispensing Robot

Despite being the smallest robot in the SR Series, SR-200 is specifically designed and configured for fluid dispensing applications. It offers complete control over fluid placement, allowing for beads, arcs, circles, and repeated timed dots. With its user-friendly operation and compatibility with various valve and controller types, SR-200 greatly enhances efficiency and reduces costs for manufacturers.

Working Area X/Y/Z (mm) 200 / 200 / 50
Load Worktable Y-Axis / Z-Axis 5 kg / 3 kg
Maximum Speed XY / Z (mm/sec) 0.1 ~ 500 / 300
Resolution 0.001 mm / Trục
Repeatability +/- 0.01 mm / Trục
Data Memory Capacity 100 programs with 4000 points / program
Dimensions (WxDxH mm) 382 x 374 x 485
Robot Weight 23kg

2. GC-824 – Dispensing Controller

GC-824 is designed to help reducing costs and improve productivity by delivering precise, repeatable medium deposits – resulting in higher yields. Manufacturers benefit from a more controlled dispensing solution that reduces guesswork, material waste, and operator fatigue.

Control method Electronic/ Pneumatic System
Dispensing pressure S: 1 ~ 10 kg/cm²/ M: 1 ~ 4 kg/cm²/ L: 1 ~ 2 kg/cm²
Time range 0.01 ~ 99.99 sec
Interval timer 0.01 ~ 3.99 sec
Vacuum pressure 0 ~ -350 mmHg
Out signal Open connector, DC 24V, 20 mmsec (Relay), 100 mmsec (Relay)
Power Source AV220V 50/60Hz (AC100V 50/60Hz: Option)
Dimension 232 (W) x 186 (D) x 81 (H) mm
2.7 kg
Bộ điều khiển bơm keo
GV-560S - Van bơm keo áp suất cao

3. GV-560S – High Pressure Dispensing Valve

GV-560S is GLUDITEC typical needle-off valve, which is designed to easily apply industrial sealants, grease and silicones at fluid pressures up to 150kgf/cm².

To ensure consistent bead widths and dot profiles, a stroke limit adjustment is used to reduce opening surge and regulate snuff-back.

Operating type Needle-off
Maximum dose 28L/min
Viscosity range 1~paste
Operating air pressure 5 kgf/cm²
Maximum fluid charge pressure 150 kgf/cm²
Maximum number of cycles 150 lần/phút
Air operating port PT1/4″
Weight 680g

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